Blockchain for Cognitive Wireless Communication Networks

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With the rapid increase in the interactive devices, the wireless communication system is becoming more complex and highly populated, leading to shifting in the new communication paradigm with the cooperation of cognitive functions. The involvement of cognition in current wireless communication networks will increase the degree of consciousness in studying the capabilities, relationships, limitations, and the existence more dynamically flexibly. Utilizing cognitive abilities in modern wireless networks increases understanding, along with sensing and reasoning, which are adaptive in a wireless ecosystem that is highly dynamic. Despite the wireless communication network’s cognitive capabilities, there may be substantial challenges based on network privacy, decentralization, network complexity, and other vulnerabilities. Moreover, ensuring security and advanced protection against the current and emerging threats is also very important. Applying blockchain techniques can offer secure communication networks for closed transactions in the wireless environment. Blockchain technology has become one of the most researched areas in recent years due to its various benefits such as transaction speed, transparency, improved security, enhanced efficiency, etc. Since each block in a blockchain is dependent on the data stored in the consecutive block, its data will be challenging to get altered. Thus, it helps secure the transactions, assets, and communicative information in a cognitive wireless network.      

The core advantage of blockchain is decentralization, where it ensures robust and secure operation across the network. With the future of wireless networks moving towards decentralization, blockchain will help in various ways to improve wireless network security. Further, the integration of blockchain with a cognitive wireless communication network will improve the effective utilization of resources and monitor networks more efficiently.However, there may be several challenges and issues in integrating a technology like blockchain in a wireless network base environment with cognitive abilities. Since blockchain is becoming an interesting topic in wireless network system, our primary focus in this special issue will be to explore and analyze the potential of blockchain in empowering the wireless communication networks with cognitive abilities.Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following scope:

  • Need for block chain for privacy and safety in the transmission of wireless network
  • A Study on recent decentralized wireless network technologies
  • Benefits of blockchain in transforming cognitive wireless communication networks 
  • Cognitive based sensing and reasoning technology for blockchain-enabled wireless networks
  • Effective wireless network management using blockchain for improved traceability with enhanced security
  • Limitations of blockchain in mainstream adoption of wireless communication
  • Lightweight cryptography techniques for cognitive wireless communication networks 
  • Recent Advances in wireless communication networks enhanced with cognitive abilities 
  • Integration of blockchain in cognitive wireless communication networks: Challenges, risks, and opportunities
  • Blockchain for future cognitive wireless communication networks
  • Blockchain for cognitive wireless networks: Concepts and methodologies for enlightening wireless communications

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